The Future of Canadian Fashion: A Glimpse Into What's Ahead

The future of Canadian fashion is an exciting prospect. With the rise of Meghan Markle and the increasing support for homegrown brands, the industry is set to make a major impact on the international stage. But what does this mean for the future of Canadian fashion?BRIGITTE CHARTRAND believes that investing in education is essential to creating a strong community of designers, photographers, and creatives. She also notes that when people come together to celebrate Canadian fashion, it produces a diverse and dynamic collection.

ZEE adds that Meghan Markle has put Canadian fashion on the map in a way that few others have. Ogiemwonyi, on the other hand, is concerned about the future of fast fashion and what it could mean for future generations. NINA KHAREY believes that it can be difficult to achieve success without relocating to a fashion capital. She notes that influential Canadians are often hesitant to support homegrown brands until they have achieved success in the United States. However, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's appearance in Vogue wearing Canadian clothes has demonstrated that Canada and fashion can go hand-in-hand. The future of Canadian fashion looks promising.

With more backing from influential Canadians and increased awareness of what Canada has to offer, buyers and publishers from around the world could come to appreciate what Canadian brands have to offer. Investing in education will create stronger designers, photographers, and creatives who can help build a vibrant community. And with Meghan Markle's influence, Canadian fashion could become even more popular on the global stage.

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