The Impact of Technology on the Fashion Industry: A Consultant's Perspective

Technology has revolutionized the fashion industry, allowing for more sustainable and creative processes. Designers can now create fabrics, patterns and pieces virtually, reducing textile waste and shipping costs. Consumers can also take advantage of virtual fashion shows and virtual trial technology to make more informed purchase decisions. Technology has also enabled fashion brands to reach a wider audience and collaborate with the technology industry to develop new products.

Karen Harvey, a consultant in the field of fashion and luxury, has seen firsthand how technology has impacted the fashion industry. Companies like DressX and The Fabricant have embraced virtual fashion, while Reformation has restructured its in-store experience to take advantage of technological advances. Thanks to technology, it is now easier for fashion brands to show their fashion trends to a wider audience and for consumers to find customisable clothing. Technology has enabled the fashion industry to become more sustainable by reducing textile waste. Designers can now work on all their creations online, then approve and test them before they are produced.

This means a significant reduction in textile waste in the industry. Virtual fashion also allows consumers to “take their clothes to online events, avoiding shipping costs and cluttered closet space”. In addition, digital pieces won't end up in a landfill once they're out of style. Virtual trial technology is also beneficial for consumers who are impulse shoppers. It gives them more time to make their purchase decision without being rushed by vendors or people who line up outside the fitting rooms.

Technology has also improved the reach of brands, allowing them to establish themselves internationally and gain customers from all over the world. Thanks to technology, it has become easier for fashion brands to show their fashion trends to a wider audience. There are many fashion design programs, such as Modo and TukaCAD, that help designers and companies quickly put personalized products in the hands of consumers. There are two companies, DressX and The Fabricant, that only sell virtual fashion and many of the major fashion brands are also taking notice. Karen Harvey is a consultant working in the field of fashion and luxury who offers strategic planning focused on future objectives. His experience lies in collaborating between the fashion and technology industries to develop and learn from each other's strengths.

The Harvey's Fashion Tech Forum is an event where brands from the fashion and technology industries can come together to share resources and collaborate. If you've ever walked into a clothing store and seen the same sweater in different sizes, colors and styles, or ordered a shirt with a custom design, you can thank technology for contributing to the scalable sustainability of the clothing industry.

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