18 Ethical and Sustainable Canadian Brands for Clothing and Accessories

Are you looking for ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories? Canadians have access to a wide range of brands that meet these criteria. From handmade pieces to recycled materials, there are plenty of options to choose from. Panaprium is proud to present 18 of Canada's most ethical and sustainable brands. Althyrea is a Canadian brand with timeless staples made in North America.

Their coastal-inspired clothing is crafted primarily of natural European fabrics, such as organic cotton and Irish linen. The brand manufactures polished and versatile pieces, perfect for taking a walk on the water, spending an afternoon resting indoors or a day out. Althyrea's workers receive a living wage, have a work-life balance and work in safe conditions. Plus, when your Althyrea clothes are worn out, you can return them for recycling. Kotn is a B company, which means that it meets high standards of social responsibility throughout its supply chain.

Most of their pieces are made of Egyptian cotton, and half of the headquarters team lives in Egypt, allowing them to visit their farms and facilities on a weekly basis. They pay at least 14% of the local minimum wage and, on average, they pay 26% more. Free Label factories are a 10-minute drive from their Vancouver office. They visit their manufacturing partners weekly to discuss designs, check production, or deliver coffee and snacks. You'll find double-breasted blouses, bicolor pants, dresses and more, all made with 100% cotton or dead and recycled materials. Preloved manufactures streetwear and sportswear with vintage and old fashioned fabrics.

Over the past 25 years, around 1 million garments have been diverted from the landfill. All design, manufacturing and shipping are done in Canada, and their studio is in the center of their factory. Building on Canada's legacy of quality manufacturing, Message Factory creates cheerful garments designed and manufactured in Quebec with a high proportion of low-impact materials, including organic cotton. The sustainable Canadian clothing brand is proud to employ fair labor in the construction of all its garments. All are proudly designed or manufactured in Canada, or both, and are definitely free from unethical practices or eco-friendly washing. Kelly Drennan is the founding executive director of Fashion Takes Action, Canada's only non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry through education, awareness, research and collaboration. Handmade pieces in Canada with recycled and more sustainable materials can be found at brands like Outerwear Fabrics & Bags. Ethical sourcing is the process that ensures that the materials that are obtained are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in their manufacture are safe and are treated fairly, and that environmental and social impacts are taken into account. So if you live in Canada or want to support Canadian brands, you can shop ethically and sustainably with these 18 brands!.

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